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EX8 Minutes Extreme Brightening NMF Mask Sheet


EX8 Minutes Extreme Brightening NMF Mask Sheet

  • $ 200

This mask is made with the latest material and technology from South Korea so that you get the benefit of a 20 minute sheet mask in 8 minutes.  

  • Lightens to even out skin tone and prevent pigmentation with arbutin
  • Brightens to minimize the appearance of dark spots with gigawhite
  • Delivers additional hydration to firm and boost elasticity with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3
  • Fights free radical damage for an instant glow with anti-inflammatory hops spore leaf sphere
  • Provides a hydrating, brightening effect with natural moisturizing factors (NMF)
  • Soothes, cools, and refreshes with moisture-locking particles

Free of: Alcohol and Mineral Oil 

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Mask Features

From the same manufacturer of LOVEMORE and SEXYLOOK sheet masks, MIRAE is skincare from the future. 

The sheet mask is made of advanced high functioning material and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) from South Korea. This material has excellent tight structure to minimize loss of essence.  The woven material has excellent elasticity and close fit that enhance the penetration of the high concentration essence.  As a result, you can get the full benefit of a 20 minute masking session in 8 minutes.

Size: 20ml of essence, silk mask sheet

  1. After cleanse face, take out the mask.
  2. Place the mask on your face, ensure the white cover layer is facing out.
  3. Adjust the mask to fit your face.
  4. Stop using if any irritation occurs.
  5. Remove the white cover layer, leave the mask for 8 minutes.
  6. Gently massage till fully absorbed.

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